About Us

“Five piece Metal band hailing from the depths of Surrey, United Kingdom”

The Redeemed is the outcome of sheer perseverance and determination after struggling through years of time wasters and lack of commitment.

Founding member, Anthony Wiseman,  started jamming with lead guitarist Ben Newton back in 2013, both sharing the same love for bands such as As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Inflames and Caliban. Before long the pair had combined Ben’s background in lead guitar with Anthony’s song writing and rhythm playing to create a number of tracks ready to take into the rehearsal room.

After a few months of jamming it became clear that the commitment from other members was not there and the hunt began again for a full line up.

After finishing his studies, and old friend of the band, Josh Lightfoot came in on Bass Guitar. As well as tying down the low end, Josh was also able to bring in clean vocals and harmonies, something that the band had been missing before. Steve Dunk soon followed on the drums and Steve’s love of Black and Death Metal introduced something new to the band and things began to move in the right direction again.

After numerous different vocalists, all of which falling through for one reason or another, Dean Fletcher, formally of Piss Viper, stepped in, bringing his own blend of brutal growls and Pantera-esque melodies with him, completing The Redeemed as you know it now.

Combining driving, thrashy rhythm guitar, brutal breakdowns, ripping solos and catchy vocal melodies, The Redeemed are looking to take 2017 by the throat and hope to see you all somewhere along the way!